Volunteers are needed for several different reasons. There are things we cannot accomplish in a days work & things we cannot afford to do.



Individual is $12

Business/Group is $25

Can be obtained at shelter Tue-Sat 11-3pm

Dog Walkers

Exercise is crucial for shelter animals. If you are interested in becoming a dog-walker at the shelter please stop in Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-3pm and fill out a volunteer application.

Applicants are required to attend a (1) day orientation.

Volunteers must be 16 years old or older.

Orientation is at 11:00am on the second Saturday of each month.


Now that the shelter has established it's Spay & Neuter Program prior to ownership, all animals that are age appropriate & intact must be transported to Dr. S. Borter of Bloomfield Vet Clinic or Dr. Royer in Worthington. Dropoffs will occur at 9am on Thursdays and pickup is at 1pm Friday. It is the responsibility of the shelter to have the animal(s) delivered pre-surgery,and the new owner will pick up the animal post-surgery.

A Volunteer for this service should have:

  • Reliable transportation
  • A vehicle that can accommodate safe & comfortable transport.
  • A valid driver's license & clean driving record


It is inevitable that our shelter will receive elderly, ill, lame or pregnant animals & from season to season experience the need to de-populate due to the spread of contagious disease. At these times the need for Foster Homes is always wanting.

Animals with special needs fair better in an environment low on stress and big on love. Special attention to these animals can make all the difference in their recovery.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Home for a special dog or cat in need you will need to accomplish the following & fulfill these requirements:

  • Visit the shelter & fill out a Foster Application.
  • Expect a in home visit conducted by Shelter Manager or Animal Control.
  • To provide adequate shelter & fresh food & water daily.
  • Be prepared to support the animals needs both financially & emotionally.
  • Know that the animal with special needs in your care may or may not be short-term.


Being a Sponsor is an effective way to help the Shelter educate the public and to treat animals suffering from injury or illness. The need to educate the public on responsible pet ownership will always exist.

Educationally we have to our advantage the no cost use of our local newspaper, which helps us publicize the need for responsible pet ownership. However the need to reach a younger audience prevails.

Regarding injured or ill animals, our shelter is limited in its ability to provide for veterinarian services. While we administer certain antibiotics, vaccines & wormer medicines, we cannot meet the medical needs of all animals.

There are 2 ways you can help:


KIND NEWS Information

In the past, local residents have sponsored the educational process through financial sponsorship of The Kind News.

Kind News is a 4 page newspaper produced for school age children that educates them on the responsibilities of pet ownership. You can sponsor a class room in our County, & an issue of Kind News will be delivered monthly throughout the entire school year. Teacher, student & parent feedback on this publication has been entirely positive. If you are interested in sponsoring a class room please contact the shelter for more information. Our Shelter receives the special rate of $25.00 per class room. Select a school, class or teacher of your choice, submit payment to the Greene County Humane Society and we will do the rest.

Veterinarian Care:

If you are interested in sponsoring veterinarian care for an animal with special needs we will keep you informed should the opportunity arise. Submit your contact information to any shelter employee. Financial assistance in this manner can be handled directly between you & the veterinarian who is helping the animal.

Fund Raising

Throughout the year our Board of Directors and shelter employees invoke special ideas in the area of fund raising. This can be a difficult task for several reasons. Time & manpower top the list. If you are part of a small organization or group and would like to raise money for your local animal shelter, please be encouraged to invoke your own ideas and organize a special event to help raise funds.

Recently students from local school districts helped raise money for the shelter by holding Bake Sales, Talent Shows & a Rock-A-Thon.

Some more ideas could include:

  • Penny Wars where students collect pennies
  • A Car Wash
  • Benefit Concert
  • Basket Bingo
  • A Luncheon & Silent Auction
  • Pictures with Your Pet
  • Yard Sales

…All these ideas can have a remarkable outcome & will provide your local shelter with needed dollars not to mention the profound gratitude extended by shelter employees who witness such generosity. Our community & its members can make all the difference in the life of an animal in our care. Feel free to collaborate with us in this area. We will gladly help you in your efforts any way we can. Simply contact the shelter manager with your ideas and information regarding Date, Time & Location.