About Us

Greene County Humane Society Inc. Linton, Indiana


It is our mission to provide a healthy, clean and pleasing environment for both animals and potential adopters. All dog kennels and cat cages are outfitted with Kuranda dog beds and cat perches plus, safe and durable play items. In addition, our adoptable dogs are leash walked 3 times a day, and have access to large, fenced in yards. Our adoptable cats benefit from an enclosed play room area that provides mental stimulation, social interaction and exercise 7 hours a day.

We circumvent further stress by refusing to house 2-3 dogs together in a small space, and avoid early/premature vaccinating that can cause contagious outbreak amongst our animal population. It is our theory that every unwanted animal deserves at least, a 72 hour acclimation period to de-stress and take in their new surroundings before preparation for adoption. It is our goal to re-home happy, healthy, at ease animals.

All adoptable animals 4 months and older are Spayed and Neutered in advance. Adoption fees also include: annual booster, de-worming, flea/tick prevention, and Rabies Vaccination.


  • All adoptable animals stay in our facility until they are adopted. The GCHS does not euthanize for space.
  • 98% of the shelter's operational costs come from private donations, program fees & grants. 0% is allocated funds from the County, and 2% is contributed for impound services by the City of Linton. The GCHS is Not a Government Entity.
  • The GCHS is a 501c3 NFP animal shelter that originated in 1984 through a grassroots effort.
  • In 1994 the GCHS expanded its facility, again, with private funding. At capacity the GCHS can comfortably house 22 dogs, and 12 cats.
  • The GCHS provides shelter for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats in Greene County, IN.
  • We do not accept livestock, exotic or wild animals.
  • GCHS employees are private citizens whom are not endowed with law enforcement powers to enforce laws pertaining to animals or their seizure.